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Welcome to the world of Collécte!


We are a fashion brand specializing in exclusively designed handbags, leather accessories and clothing items. Each of our products is handmade in our Tel Aviv-based studio, combining luxury raw materials with traditional craftsmanship and innovative methods of leather processing. Collécte studio products are known for their sculptural approach to design, employing sharp lines and uniquely engineered shapes.


By using a combination of quality leather, plastics, cork and new metals, each piece in the Collécte brand expresses a distinctive portrait of quality and luxury.


Most of our raw materials are imported for the exclusive use of Collécte, while all of the design and the meticulously handcrafted production are done in our studio in Israel. You can find our designs in the Collécte store / studio, and in elite boutiques in Israel and abroad.


The brand is designed by Tal Drori Shem-Tov.