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Product Care

​Thank you for shopping at Collécte!
We hope that your product will serve you well for the coming years, as we have invested much thought and research into choosing materials of the highest quality and durability.
To ensure the long lasting quality of your new bag, we have provided tips on how to properly maintain your product:
Leather is a breathable material, and it requires constant access to a circulating air flow.

We recommend storing our products in cloth/fabric bags instead of non-breathable materials such as plastic.

Leather bags, like any other leather product, are designed to last for many years and even improve over time. The accumulation of dust or oil may prematurely wear or damage your product, so it is necessary to clean any visible buildup.

Dirt and dust that accumulate on the leather can often be removed without rubbing alcohol or detergent, just wipe the affected area with a clean fingertip or damp cloth. If the bag is still dirty, use a cloth with a leather lotion or oil (available for purchase at leather specialty stores) that can remove the stain.

Our bags are engineered to withstand only a certain capacity. Overburdening the bag with too much weight may cause premature wear or distortion of the bag’s shape, especially in smaller leather bags and wallets.

We recommend that you regularly clean your product with a cloth dipped in a few drops of olive oil; this helps the leather stay waterproof and gives the leather a long lasting shine.